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BIMC Siloam

Thinking of undergoing aesthetic procedures here in Bali? Here are our reasons why you should only consider BIMC Nusa Dua:

  1. Safe and Serene Location

BIMC Nusa Dua is one of Indonesia’s first medical tourism facility located within the safe and comfortable, luxury tourism enclave in Nusa Dua that is ideal for rest and relaxation before and after surgery.

  1. Acclaimed Surgeon

Dr I Made Suka Adnyana, SpBP-RE has been a central figure in the plastic and aesthetic medical community for the past seven years with a passion for facial aesthetics, body and breast contouring. In 2014, Dr Suka returned from Japan after undergoing extensive training in maxillofacial, which is often seen as a bridge between medicine and dentistry, treating conditions that require expertise from both backgrounds.

  1. Wide Range of Professional Procedures

BIMC Nusa Dua CosMedic Centre offers the most sought-after skin treatments in the Asia Pacific along with the highest standards of patient care and the latest cosmetic technology. The CosMedic Centre meets the growing appreciation for proven aesthetic skin treatments and skin rejuvenation techniques.

  1. Patient Satisfaction

Factors including scheduling, staff interactions and waiting time significantly impact patient satisfaction; all resources at BIMC CosMedic Centre are allocated to improving patients’ experience.

  1. ACHS Accreditation

In August this year, BIMC Nusa Dua was once again accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) in four key areas: patient care; access to care, hospital maintenance & safety. The updated accreditation exhibits the painstaking efforts made by staff and management to continuously deliver performance improvements for enhanced patient care.


CosMedic Centre at BIMC Nusa Dua

Kawasan BTDC Blok D, Nusa Dua 80363, Bali, Indonesia

T: +62 361 3000 911 | www.bimcbali.com


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