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Om swastiastu. Welcome to our April issue! April is a month that insiders often recommend for visiting the Island of the Gods. The rainy season is over and the transition to the dry season brings with it cleaner beaches, sunny weather and slightly cooler temperatures. Average temperatures should hover around 27°C with the ocean temperature at about 28°C, perfect for all your water sports and just cooling off in the water. It may still rain from time to time, though mostly at night.

Easter weekend is typically a busy time in Bali due to holidays and long weekends in many countries. Hotels usually fill up slowly after the lull from January. Easter brunches will be offered at many hotels and restaurants. While on holiday in Bali, you’d want to maximize your travel budget while experiencing only the best. Take a look at our Hot Deals pages. Here, you’ll find the month’s hottest and most exciting deals in Bali’s most popular and renowned establishments. What with Good Friday and Easter coming, there are some good deals to be found here! Many of the deals featured here are available for a limited time only, so do check them out before their gone.

As visitors come and go, Bali’s unique culture remains strong. For nearly a thousand years, the Balinese have followed a unique form of Hinduism, now known as Agama Hindu Dharma: a descendant of the religion introduced to Bali by visiting Hindu gurus. Preserving cultural traditions are part of what makes Bali so special. The strong connection between the Balinese and their religion ensures that Bali retains its unique identity among SE Asia’s island destinations.

Galungan Day 14 April, The climax of the Galungan holiday celebrations will ensure most Balinese returning to their ancestral homes to make offerings to God and their ancestors who return at this time to rest at the family temples. Prayers and giving of offerings continue at the village temple as well as homes of neighbouring families.

Kuningan Day 24 April, Kuningan is derived from the word “kuning”, which means yellow. It is the final day of a long series of ceremonies and prayers conducted for the Galungan celebrations. The Balinese believe that on this day, their ancestors return to heaven after visiting earth in the days surrounding Galungan. As a symbol of gratitude, they make offerings of yellow rice placed in bowls made of coconut leaves along with a slew of offerings and presentations and hold prayers, rituals and ceremonies in their homes and family temples. The bowls are decorated with figures of shadow puppets, which represent angels that bring joy and wealth to earth. Throughout Bali, the Barong, a mythical Balinese creature that symbolizes good health, purity and good fortune go from door-to-door followed by children playing traditional Balinese musical instruments. It is customary to give a small donation when you see the Barong for good luck. The children will happily put on a performance for you if you do. Kuningan is an important day for the Balinese, and most will be taking the day off to be with their families in their respective villagers for prayers and other cultural activities.

With the current Covid-19 situation gripping the planet, things may be slightly more subdued this year on the island. Some restrictions are in place to attempt to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Many restaurants/ cafes have transitioned to offering more take-out and delivery services. For those here on the island, we urge you to practice social distancing, best hygiene practices as much as possible and to stay safe.

If you’ve had a wonderful time here in Bali, or have tried something exciting and new that you would like us to know about, contact us! We always love to hear from you. Reach us on Facebook (Baliplus Magazine) and Instagram (@baliplus). Tag us or send us messages with your favourite Bali photos and stories and we might just share it on our feed. Meanwhile, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter via our website (www.baliplus.com) where you’ll find the latest updates, articles and blogs to help you on your visit. ‘Til next time, Om shanti shanthi shanti Om, stay safe and welcome to Bali!

The Bali Plus Team


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Wayan Aditya


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