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Om swastiastu. Welcome to our September issue!

September brings sunny days with cool breezes, little rain, and a daily average temperature of 27°C. The average ocean temperature remains at 27°C and September is the last month of Bali’s “dry season”. Humidity levels in September are the lowest of the year, with an average of 70% for the month.

For those visiting Bali, there continue to be many great deals at hotels and properties across the island. Many properties are offering a version of a “pay now/ stay later” packages offering bargains and flexibility for savvy travelers.

Head over to our Hot Deals section to check out some ideas for stays and activities on the island including great specials at The Ritz Carlton Bali, GWK Cultural Park, Munduk Plantation, W Hotel Bali and Hotel Tugu Lombok.

In our Don’t Miss section, read about Tumpek Landep & Pagerwesi,

Tumpek Landep is a Balinese ceremonial day when offerings are made for objects that are made of metal. The word tumpek means ‘close (to)’ and the word landep means ‘sharp’

Pagerwesi is one of the holiest days in Bali and is celebrated every 210 days in the Balinese calendar. Observance of Pagerwesi coincides with the celebration of Saraswati – the day of knowledge. The reason for this is that after the celebration of knowledge and divine inspiration during Saraswati, Pagerwesi is observed to protect and shield this knowledge and inspiration from forces of evil.

Check out our What’s New in Bali section, for news on Tugu Hotel has organic honey. Produced from the pollen of organically grown plants, and without chemical miticides to treat the bees, our Tugu Kawisari Honey is 100% pure raw coffee blossom honey harvested from the oldest coffee plantation in Java and THE RITZ-CARLTON CHEF On Wheels . Will bring The Ritz-Carlton luxury dining experience to your doorstep.

If you’ve had a wonderful time here in Bali, or have tried something exciting and new that you would like us to know about, contact us! We always love to hear from you. Reach us on Facebook (Baliplus Magazine) and Instagram (@baliplus). Tag us or send us messages with your favorite Bali photos and stories and we might just share it on our feed. Meanwhile, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter via our website where you’ll find the latest updates, articles and blogs to help you on your visit. ‘Til next time, Om shanti Om, stay safe and welcome to Bali!

The Bali Plus Team

Cover photo by:

Polina Kuzovkova – Unsplash

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