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Mason Chocolates’ Secret Formula

It all began with a small restaurant back in ’89; some might remember it as “Yanie’s Warung” but more than that, you’ll remember mouthwatering, honest homecooked food that fills you up from the inside out like a warm hug. Today, the owners of Yanie’s Warung lead a mini empire – you’ll know it as Mason Adventures, previously, Bali Adventure Tours where adrenaline junkies go for heart- pounding escapades on land, water and sky.

But more than just adventure, there is innovation and gourmet creations. The love for Bali and Indonesia’s astounding riches brought about the realization that the country, the third biggest producer of cacao beans in the world, has an unimaginable wealth of untapped resources that could bring so much happiness – otherwise known as chocolates. For 30 years, the Mason family – Nigel and Yanie Mason and their children, Shan and Jian – has been synonymous with bringing quality culinary and adventure experience to Bali and this can now be found in Mason Chocolates.

Dubbed “Indonesia’s most premium artisan experience”, Mason Gourmet Chocolate Factory is where artisanal chocolatiers sort, roast and process raw fermented chocolate beans that are ethically sourced from all over the archipelago. These are no ordinary cacao beans; these organic beans are blended, hand-picked from nature, fermented (not sun-dried) and are with zero artificial additives.


One bite of Mason Chocolates will leave you swooning for more; we were told that there is a secret formula, a special blend lovingly created by the people at Mason. Combined with the latest in European chocolate-making technology, you get Mason’s signature “Tropical Blend”, with tastes and textures that are unmatched by old-fashioned chocolate- making methods, producing a far smoother blend that has a taste which cannot be destroyed by over grinding/ blending. The Mason family travelled to Europe to learn from the best chocolate artisans in the world and brought them back to Bali to share their knowledge with the team, who left with a number of unique recipes that have been handed down within the industry secretly, for many years. The result is a large selection of over 65 one-of-a-kind, gourmet chocolates ranging from dozens of different pralines and truffles, signature bar collection, chocolate thins, chocolate truffles, chocolate covered nuts range, as well as many other chocolate-inspired products.

Mason Gourmet Chocolate Factory is part of Mason Gourmet, the food and beverage arm of Mason Adventures which produces fine Italian-style gelato, a large range of bakery products, as well as Mason Chocolates. The entire set-up is housed at Koko Bambu in Taro, a large stunning and eco-friendly structure, with views of the pool, rice paddies and the jungle’s edge. The restaurant serves an interesting menu; a mix of Western meets Indonesian, meets chocolate. Try the chocolate gelato and Mason’s signature chocolate martini while you’re there. Koko Bambu is also where you can watch the entire chocolate-making process, taste and purchase from over 6000 selection of pralines, truffles, super thins, chocolate coated nuts and bars of dark, milk or white chocolate.

Koko Bambu Restaurant
Jalan Raya Taro, Tegallalang, Gianyar Bali Ph: +62 361 721 480 hello@masongourmet.com


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