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Bali Hai Cruises

Explore The Wonderful Island of Nusa Penida with Bali Hai Cruises

Bali Hai Cruises successfully launched its Nusa Penida Adventure Tour last month, giving guests a different perspective to the newly popular Bali island destination. In the meantime, lets check out the fun facts below about what really makes Penida island special.

A few facts you might not be aware of:

– Penida has a long history – the earliest writings on the island have been found on the Belanjong Pillar, dating back to 914 AD (that’s over 1,000 years ago).

– The kings of Bali were continually trying to attack the people of Penida, who were able to resist on almost all occasions, although the last king of the island died in battle in the 1600s.

– Penida then became part of the Klungkung Regency, one of the nine kingdoms of Bali. You will see Klungkung beach on your Bali Hai Cruises day trip!

– There is a Tintin cartoon set in the lands of Penida, printed in 1950 – look it up!

– There is a history of black magic and dark spirits, so Nyepi has a strong meaning for those who live on the island – the “Day of Silence” must be respected.

– The native languange of Nusa Penida is completely different to Bali; the Balinese very much struggle to understand it

– It would take nearly an hour to drive from Crystal Bay to Broken Beach due to the terrain – which is why Bali Hai Cruises will take you by boat!

Bali Hai Cruises will show guests Nusa Penida and the surrounding sister islands, from a unique perspective. You will get to see all the photographic marvels such as the cliffs of Kelingking and the arch of Broken Beach, but balance out the above ground sightseeing with some incredible underwater adventures too – with snorkelling and swimming at Manta Bay. The trip is then topped off with a tropical pit stop at Bali Hai’s Beach Resort, in the tranquil Mushroom Bay of Nusa Lembongan.

The whole day including hotel transfers, lunch, snacks, drinks, snorkelling equipment, towels and your lovely tour guide are all sorted! So you don’t have to think about a thing. Bliss.

For booking simply click the button below and for more exciting adventures information, please call +62 361-720 331 or visit Bali Hai Cruise website at www.balihaicruises.com

Bali Hai Cruises
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